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ComfortMade donates dozens of beds to nonprofits

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – A handful of nonprofits, most in Lincoln and a few in Omaha, are receiving brand new beds thanks to donations made by a Lincoln mattress shop.

You may remember when 10/11 first introduced the owners of ComfortMade Mattress Factory in north Lincoln back in November of 2020 when they were handing out free pillows to our country’s heroes for Veterans Day. Well, the company’s generosity to reach out to the community didn’t stop there.

Throughout November and December 2020 at ComfortMade Mattress Factory, for every mattress sold, the owners decided to donate beds to outreach organizations here in southeast Nebraska. Those donations have wrapped up but are still leaving an everlasting impact.

Catholic Social Services of Southern Nebraska recently received two new beds from ComfortMade. CSS representatives say the donations couldn’t have come at a better time since they’ve been helping more families than ever during the pandemic by furnishing more than 130 households in 2020 and 20 already in 2021. CSS says these donated beds from ComfortMade will go to use immediately.

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